Linear Bluepass Access Control Solution

BluePass ecosystem of smartphone and tablet-based e-credentials and multi-technology Bluetooth readers provide a more secure, easy to use approach to access control.

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BluePass Access Ecosystem

BluePass Access Ecosystem

Linear Bluepass Is The All-In-One Mobile Access Ecosystem With Both Bluetooth And Legacy Reader Capabality

The customer’s existing access control system (controller, corresponding software and common electronic locks) that supports Wiegand type readers (including Nortek Security & Control’s Linear access control system).

BluePass multi-technology readers (Bluetooth and 125 KHz 26 to 37 bit card & Fob compatible) which can be installed using existing wiring. A Dealer App that provides ability to register, set-up, and update the reader. An end-user credential app (that together with an ordinary Android and Apple iOS Bluetooth smart phone works as a secure credential). BluePass cloud service for easy and fast management and issuance of credentials

Bluepass Multi-Tech Reader

Wiegand-based Combination RFID 125 KHz & Bluetooth 2N1 Reader

The reader is not only multi- technology based, compatible with popular 26 to 37-bit 125KHz cards and fobs, but also includes a single-gang adaptor, allowing it to be mounted in both single-gang and mullion-mount con gurations.


  • Bluetooth LE compatible
  • RFID Proximity 26 to 37-bit Wiegand-Based 125 kHz. Pass through of bit length
  • Capacitive touch technology prevents inadvertent access
  • Supports emulation conversion technology
  • Supports emulation conversion technology
  • FCC, RoHs, IP65, UL Standard 294
  • Waterproof IP65
  • Wiegand 26 to 37-bit interface/output
  • Voltage: +5.5 - 16 VDC at the reader. Regulated power supply and 12 VDC at the reader is recommended for best operation.
  • Current Draw: 50 - 100 mA typical, 120 mA max peak @ 12 VDC
  • Operating temperature: –40° F to 149° F (–40° C to + 65° C)

Bluepass Access Solution Components

Access Made Easy With Electronic Credentials

Bluepass Access Solution Components

Linear Bluepass Is The All-In-One Mobile Access Ecosystem With Both Bluetooth And Legacy Reader Capabality

Nortek Security & Control’s BluePass Credential Management Ecosystem consists of smart device-based electronic-credentials and multi-tech Bluetooth/Prox readers, providing for a more secure, easy-to-use approach for credential management. BluePass reduces the total cost of system ownership by protecting existing system controller and hardware investments, while allowing for a smooth migration from legacy to electronic credentials using a cloud-based management and issuance system.

Ease-of-use for End-users Everywhere

End-users experience a new level of convenience; their Bluetooth-enabled smartphone becomes a credential for their existing access control system. No need to carry a fob or card, no more worries about misplaced or lost fobs or cards. Convert your existing access system to electronic credentials at your own pace; by using Bluetooth/Prox multi-tech readers, existing cards and fobs will continue to work as usual, if the end-user has not yet migrated or does not have their smartphone with them.

Combination of Technologies for Exceptional User Experience

Bluetooth LE provides the secure transmission of the credential to the reader and a combination of Bluetooth signal strength and the proximity of one’s hand to the reader, through capacitive touch technology, determines when the credential is transmitted to the reader. This two-factor approach ensures that requests for access are truly being made, preventing inadvertent access requests.

Unlike other offerings which require users to rotate their smart devices 90 degrees to activate Bluetooth signaling or having to open an app, the BluePass user experience is identical to cards and fobs—simply present the phone to the multi-tech reader to request access. This approach is far more natural and intuitive.

The app that transmits the credential to the reader uses very little power and merely needs to be running in the background. The app acts as a wallet and can hold multiple credentials.

The Cutting Edge Mobile Credentials For Efficient Access Issuance and Management

The BluePass solution provides for a lower cost of deployment, as an invitation is sent to the end-users’ e-mail to download the app and their credentials, saving shipping costs and time compared to physical cards/fobs. BluePass enables faster credential additions, changes and revocations. Dealers can manage their customer’s credentials or delegate authority to specific customers who wish to manage and issue their own purchased credentials.

Engaging the Entire Value Chain for Widespread Market Adoption

The BluePass Access system is the rst in the market to leverage the mobile credentials for the entire value chain. With multiple credential credits packaged in card that is redeemable on the BluePass Cloud—distributors are now able to claim a share of the recurring credential revenue that occurs with each reader sold. Allowing distribution to easily adopt and sell through just like a standard card or fob, takes electronic credentials “mainstream”, allowing for widespread adoption of the technology.

Bluepass will be available soon. Contact your dealer for more information.