Microsoft Windows 7 - Compatibility with Linear's AccessBase 2000
This document describes procedures necessary to ensure that Linear’s AccessBase 2000 software product installs and runs as expected on PCs that run Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system.

Click here for the AccessBase 2000 Windows 7 Compatibility Technical Note .pdf (220KB)

Energy Policy Act of 2005
Linear currently supports the changes in the Daylight Saving Time schedule as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 in AccessBase version 1.54 and AccessBase 2000 version 2.6 and later.

Click here for AccessBase Instructions .pdf (1.43MB)

AccessBase for Access Control Systems - AM/II, AE-1, and AE-2

Note for New AccessBase Installations
AccessBase V1.54 is a version upgrade for the V1.52 release. For new installations it is required that AccessBase V1.52 be installed first before installing V1.54. When installing V1.54 over V1.52, V1.52 will be uninstalled first. During the uninstallation process, there will be window pop-ups that will ask whether to delete files that are no longer used by other applications. Click NO to keep all files. After the uninstallation has been successfully completed, run the V1.54 installation package again to install V1.54.

Model Programming / Networking Software New Installations Only
Programming Software
Reference Tutorial

Account Manager for Access Control Systems

Model Limited Programming Capabilities

AccessBase 2000 Programming Software for Telephone Entry

Access Controller AccessBase 2000
Programming Software
AE1000Plus, AE2000Plus, AM3Plus
  and Legacy Controllers
AE-1000, AE-2000, AM-3

AM-SEK Serial-to-Ethernet Module

Access Controller Utility Software

AXNET PC Utility Software (Backup/Restore, Event Log, Firmware Uploader)

Access Controller Utility Software Installation & User's Guide
AXNET Access Controller
Software Manual

DRU500 Application - Allows users to restore an AE-500 if their computer does not have Microsoft Virtual Machine installed

DRU500 Application Instructions

IEI Access Solutions

Hub Manager®
Instructions Version 8.1 - Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7/8

Hub Manager® software requires an enrollment station if a format is used that is not natively listed in the Hub Manager® software (i.e. 37-bit cards with a facility code of 600). Since we are no longer offering the custom format service, dealers may purchase an enrollment station, model EN-STAT: Prox Enrollment Station Kit (Order #0-205680) to create their own custom formats.
7.4.9 Version 7.4 – Microsoft Windows 2000/XP - Max2 Controllers with Modem -
Systems using Max2 Controllers with Modems require Hub Manager® 7.4.9 for proper operation.

Version 3.3
eMerge Support & Downloads
  Click here for eMerge Support Documentation CD

Personal Emergency Reporting Solutions (PERS)

Model Programming
Manual for

Console Firmware - Version 2.4.3 (365KB)

Console Vocabulary-
English/Spanish (2.50MB)

(Standard for FW version 2.4.2)

Console Vocabulary-
French/English (2.50MB)

(Optional for FW version 2.4.2)

Video Surveillance

IP Search Tool
This enables the IP address of the Linear IP Camera to be changed easily. The instructions and tool are located at this link: IP Search Tool (.zip)

IP Update Tool
This software tool enables you to update the firmware in Linear IP cameras. Read and follow the instructions. Note, video streaming and recording will be halted during the firmware update process.

  The IP Update Tool Instructions may be downloaded here: IP Update Tool Instructions (.pdf)
  The IP Update Tool may be downloaded here: IP Update Tool (.zip 3.43MB)

IP Camera Firmware v 1.7
This is the latest version of firmware for Linear IP cameras. Use the IP Update Tool to download the firmware to the camera.

  The IP Camera Firmware may be download here: IP Camera Firmware v1.7 (.zip 28.78MB)
  Release Notes for IP Camera Firmware v1.7 may be downloaded here:
  IP Camera Firmware 1.7 Release Notes (.pdf)

NVMS (Network Video Manager System)
This software enables multiple IP cameras to record to a PC. The NVMS software can manage up to 64 Linear IP cameras. The instructions and software are located at this link: NVMS (Network Video Manager System) (.zip)

PC Requirements for NVMS Software
Feature Minimum Recommended
CPU: Intel® Core™ i5 CPU 2.8GHz Intel® Core™ i7 CPU 3GHz or faster
Video card: NVIDIA GForce GT 240 (1G) NVIDIA GForce GT 240 (2G)
Memory: 4G DDR3 8G DDR3
Hard drive: 2TB 4TB to 12TB
Operating System: Windows 7, XP, 2003 Windows 7, XP
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c DirectX 9.0c
Internet: 1 GB LAN 1 GB LAN
Manage up to 64 Linear IP Cameras
View up to 16 live streams (PC power dependant)
Recommend AV Class HDDs up to 4TB each (Seagate or WD)

The following IP Camera Models use the IP Search Tool and NVMS software:
LV-D4-2MDI-312 Indoor Dome Camera, 4", 2MP, Full HD
LV-D4-2MDIV-312 Vandal Resistant Dome Camera, 4", 2MP, Full HD
LV-D4-3MDIWV312 Vandal Resistant Outdoor Dome Camera, 4", 3MP, Full HD
LV-D4-5MDIV-312 Vandal Resistant Outdoor Dome Camera, 4", 5MP, Full HD
LV-D2-2MIV-3.6F Mini Vandal Resistant Outdoor Dome Camera, 2", 2MP, Full HD
LV-B2MDI-312 Mini Outdoor Bullet Camera, 2MP
LV-B3MDIW-312 Mini Outdoor Bullet Camera, 3MP
LV-CAM-2M Fixed Box Camera, 2MP
LV-CAM-3MW Fixed Box Camera, 3MP
LV-CAM-5M Fixed Box Camera, 5MP