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With its impressive array of powerful features, eMerge is a configurable, integrated security management and access control system. Now you can manage security functions for multiple facilities anywhere with an Internet connection.

This site contains a working version of our eMerge system. Register and discover the versatility and content-rich features that this Integrated Security Management System has to offer. After registering, you will be able to access an actual working version of the eMerge system and use its features. Once you discover the capabilities of what eMerge has to offer we're convinced you will want to employ it in your business.

Because eMerge is a browser managed system, it has the enormous advantage of geographic autonomy. You are able to monitor and control multiple facilities from any web browser by connecting securely to the Internet. From any location in the world you can view live event logs, video and interactive floor plans in one view, remotely lock or unlock doors, arm or disarm burglar alarm systems, and initiate system-wide changes through Threat Level status. You can also lock down the system so that control is available only from inside a facility.

eMerge is a network appliance. Everything you need to install and manage the system is embedded within the Network Controller. There's no server software, no client software, no gateways, no new communication wiring to install, no plug-in hardware adapters for connectivity, and no software compatibility issues to deal with. eMerge addresses the convergence of security and IT.

The eMerge 50 is designed to bring the benefits of network architecture to basic access control applications.

The eMerge 5000 handles a broad range of functions such as real time monitoring, elevator control and photo ID in one integrated package. Installations for eMerge range in size from small, stand-alone facilities to distributed enterprises of remote sites. The eMerge MicroNode (.pdf) is a new small form-factor expansion device for the eMerge 5000.

Click here to view a .pdf file of the eMerge 50 and eMerge 5000 sales brochure.

With the eMerge SecureConnect Suite of Products and Services and our Professional Services offerings, you can dramatically enhance your eMerge installation and user experience.  SecureConnect ensures that you have instant and reliable access to your eMerge security systems from anywhere in the world. View an overview of our SecureConnect suite of products and services (.pdf).

Our Professional Services function can smooth the installation and support of your eMerge installations. View an overview of our Professional Services (.pdf).

Additional literature:  FAQ's for the Network Administrator (.pdf) -- What you need to know about the eMerge browser managed security platform.

eMerge Embedded Software Systems Sub-Catalog (.pdf)

eMerge Documents

The purpose of these documents it to make you aware of any new products and features added to our eMerge product family. To read any of these documents, just click on the links below.

eMerge Version 3 Software Update (.pdf)

Video Management System (VMS) (.pdf)

Photo-ID (.pdf)

Live Monitoring Bundle (.pdf)

Photo-ID & Visitor Management Printers (.pdf)

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