Nortek Control FAQ

How do I reset initial Network Controller IP and Login settings?

 Reverting the controller will reset the following: 

  • Default Username: admin             Default Password: admin

  • Controller’s IP:

  • Subnet mask:

  • Web server port: 80

  • Default Language: English


To revert a 50P/5000P 

  1. Locate the button on the left side of the enclosure labelled “REVERT”

  2. Using the end of a pen or a key, push the REVERT button until the system beeps.  After the system reverts its settings, it will then reboot.  You will hear three beeps followed shortly by one beep.

  3. Set your computer’s IPv4 to

  4. Log into your controller at using the username “admin” and password “admin”


To revert a 50/5000

  1. Place a jumper on JMP1 NC Revert1.  On the right side of the panel there is a circular piezo with three sets of pins in front of it.  The pins closest will be labeled JMP1.


  2. Press the Network Controller Reset switch, which is located to the right of these pins (NC Reset).

  3. The Controller will sound 3 beeps, then 1 beep, then 2 beeps. This may take a few minutes.

  4. Remove the jumper and press the Network Controller Reset switch again to reboot the system.

  5. Set your computer’s IPv4 to

  6. Log into your controller at using the username “admin” and password “admin”.


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