Z-Wave Bulb LB6Z0-1 Shipping Now! Z-Wave® Dimmable LED Light Bulb

We’re pleased to announce, to all Linear and 2GIG distributors and dealers, the
newest addition to Linear’s family of Z-Wave® certified wireless lighting, security,
and control products. The LinearLinc™ BulbZ is a Z-Wave controllable and
fully-dimmable, instant-on LED screw-in light bulb that provides pleasant
soft-white illumination. Click here to download our New Product Announcement datasheet.

e3 OneBox Linear e3 OneBox™ Video + Access Control

Linear's e3 OneBox™ provides a fully-integrated access and video solution. The e3 OneBox™ combines Linear’s award-winning, embedded browser IP-based access control platform with Digital Watchdog’s full-featured DW-VMAX digital video recording capability within one enclosure.

Linear Video Surveillance Linear Introduces New Line of Video Surveillance Cameras

More and more businesses are relying on video surveillance to enhance safety, reduce theft and deter criminal activity. Linear offers a complete line of scalable video solutions for any budget, and any size installation, indoors or out. Click here to download our latest brochure.

DMCMP3 Player Linear Unveils CD and MP3 Music Source for DMC Intercom Systems

The DMCMP3 is a new accessory for the DMC1 and DMC3-4 Music/Communication intercom systems. The digital MP3 and CD player integrates with new or existing DMC1/3-4 master units, transforming them into whole-house music and audio sources making it easy to share podcasts, music or even digital audio books throughout the home. Available in white, almond, and black. Also available in a Music/Communication System Package (DMCMP3PACK).

Z-wave Linear Expands Home Automation Offerings with Z-Wave

Linear is now manufacturing, selling and distributing Z-Wave lighting control products that include: wall dimmers, wall switches, wall outlets, lamp modules, appliance modules, 3-way switches/dimmers, fixture modules, as well as international versions of the same products.

Try eMerge Essential Access Control Made Easy with the eMerge Essential

The new eMerge E3-Series access systems are browser-based, self-contained hardware/software network appliances that make access control easy and affordable for facilities with 1-4 doors. With fast set-up, robust features, and industry-leading scalability, they take simplicity - and sophistication to a whole new level. Try eMerge Essential > click on the image, register, and use an actual system.

Copper Cop Copper Cop: Air Conditioning Protection System

The Copper Cop is an efficient, dependable and reliable security protection solution designed to combat theft of commercial air conditioning (HVAC) units. Copper Cop can be installed and activated in minutes by a security professional and, unlike other HVAC alarm products, does not require an HVAC or Electrical Contractor's License. Also available in a Wireless Kit that includes a wireless alarm transmitter and receiver.

PERS-4200 PERS-4200 Personal Emergency Reporting System

The PERS-4200 brings forth a new generation of Personal Emergency Reporting Systems. Linear, one of the leaders in PERS equipment innovation, delivers advanced features and options to suit any customer with its latest offering. Two new add-on modules and new capabilities - give PERS dealers and homeowners more convenience and performance. Also available as a System Kit - pre-assembled, tested, and ready to install.