WT00Z 3-way switch adds 3-way function almost anywhere

Linear’s WT00Z 3-Way Z-Wave Switch – Much Easier Than Other Threeways!

Linear’s WT00Z is a wireless Z-Wave 3-way wall-mount dimmer switch, offering Z-Wave control for remote lights or loads. This incredibly useful Z-Wave device is an easy way to make homes that employ Z-Wave technology more convenient, secure and elegant for homeowners, and needs to be a part of your Home Automation portfolio!

The WT00Z is great for use in dual-switch "3-way" applications, creating a virtual 3-way switch without need for a traveler wire, fitting into any standard single-gang electrical junction box. By employing the WT00Z and the Association Command Class feature, you can install the WT00Z 3‐way Z‐Wave light switch at any in‐wall powered location, and operate up to 5 other Z‐Wave (load-bearing*) devices.

As an example, Traveler Wire Capture3one could install the WT00Z 3-Way dimmer switch in a second floor bedroom that turns on the driveway, foyer and stairway lights. This way, if the doorbell rings at night, one does not have to fumble to locate and turn on three different light switches to make the stairway, entryway and driveway lights turn on. One 3‐way Z‐wave switch turns on or off all of these lights simultaneously with one click...only with Linear’s WT00Z and Association Command Class.

*NOTE: When installing a Z-Wave 3-Way Light setup utilizing Linear products, you will need a Load Bearing switch (WS15Z-1, WD500Z-1 or WD1000Z-1) and a non-load bearing WT00Z-1. Multiple WT00Z-1 switches can be utilized to control multiple load-bearing devices.

Important: If your Z-Wave gateway does not support Associations, you must have a MiniMote (Tool) to Program (Associate) the WT00Z to the Load Bearing Device.

The MiniMote Tool is manufactured by Aeon Labs LLC distributors. (http://aeotec.com/small-z-wave-remote-control), and is available at Amazon.com, Smarthome.com, and ZWaveProducts.com, and many other online resellers.

One MiniMote can be used for multiple installs, as after it is used to program a Z-Wave device, the MiniMote does NOT have to be left at the customer’s home for the system to operate properly.