2GIG Control Panel Kits Notice

Effective immediately we are discontinuing GC2 Kits while supplies last.

GC2 Kit P/Ns:
2GIG-GCKIT311 (GC2 panel with 3 DW10, 1 PIR, 1 Key Fob)
2GIG-GCKIT410 (GC2 panel with 4 DW10, 1 PIR)
2GIG-GCKIT31GB (GC2 panel with 3 DW10, 1 Key Fob, 1 Glass Break sensor)

Replacement GC2e Kit: 2GIG-GC2E-345-K31 includes GC2e Panel with 3 DW-10E and 1 PIRE. Available for first customer ship by mid August.

GC3 Kit (p/n 2GIG-KIT311-GC3) previously announced is replaced with 2GIG-GC3E-345-K31 from eSeries family.