4 Powerful Ways to Make Your Rental More Secure Now

MikeLaurel | August 29, 2017

rental propertyRenting is becoming more prevalent, with the number of households opting to rent increasing by 10 percent over the past decade. But there is one critical factor that most renters overlook. The risk of burglary when renting is much higher than when owning a home. In fact, renters are 85 percent more likely to experience a home burglary than are homeowners, and most tenants are not prepared for these types of events. Only 12 percent have a home security system, according to a recent Consumer Electronics Association survey.

Deploying powerful security strategies can be a game changer for those who rent their homes, keeping their property safe and minimizing risk of burglary and home intrusion. Check out these four powerful ways to make your rental more secure.

  1. Install a “Rental Friendly” Security System Security systems of the past were intrusive, requiring holes to be drilled and wires to be run, which made having these safety devices impossible if you did not own the home. Fortunately, technology has changed everything, providing the ability to access security systems regardless of home ownership status.

    Wireless options allow renters to install fully functional security systems that cover doors and window contacts, monitor for glass breaks, and support remote management and monitoring. The prices of these systems are reasonable, and they are simple to install and manage. Plus, when you move, you can pack up the security system and take it with you.

  2. Use Smart Technology to Deter Thieves Home security has evolved, and cameras are no longer clunky and expensive or require invasive installation. Much of the new technology can be connected via app to smartphones, allowing remote monitoring of your property even when you aren’t physically present. Plus, burglars are increasingly scared away by home security systems that send audio and video to smartphones.

    Install security cameras in the most vulnerable places in order to maximize effectiveness. For example, about 81 percent of burglars enter through the first floor and about 34 percent of burglars enter through the front door, making these great places for camera installation.

    Window frames and back-door entrances are also good locations to install cameras that monitor your home. If you plan to use the technology outdoors, ensure that it’s waterproof and has night vision, which allows you to receive clear footage during evening hours.

  3. Repel Burglars With Great Lighting People breaking into your rental home don’t want to be seen, especially not by security cameras or neighbors (more on this in a minute). Well-lit areas increase the odds of getting caught – a problem that burglars definitely want to avoid. Renting rather than owning a property can make installing new lighting difficult, but there are still steps you can take to protect your home.

    First, check all outdoor lighting to ensure that it works properly. Check for areas that are poorly lit, and ask your property manager if they’re willing to install better lighting. Offer to do it yourself for a credit on the next month’s rent. And don’t forget about indoor lighting, especially while you’re away. Invest in a simple timer that will turn on lights and televisions at preset times to mimic human activity.

  4. Leverage Your Relationships With Neighbors Technology is a great first line of defense against break-ins, but another powerful tool is the watchful eye of your neighbors. Simply telling a trusted neighbor that you’ll be out of town could have big payoffs.

    For example, a neighbor saw an unfamiliar person in the backyard of the house next door, so the neighbor immediately grabbed a cellphone and started taking video footage. At the same time, the police were called, and the video was handed over to the police. The suspects were captured shortly after.

    Safeguarding your home by using multiple strategies such as installing a wireless security system, illuminating your property with great lighting and relying on those who live around your home to keep a watchful eye help decrease risk of break-ins regardless of property ownership status or the need for intrusive installation methods.

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