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CAT-5 Quick connectors temporarily out of stock

| Posted 8.09.2010 | Technical Bulletins

CAT-5 Quick connectors temporarily out of stockLinear’s dmc1 Music/Communications System features Room Stations and Patio Stations that connect to the master unit with Cat-5 cable.

Each Room Station and Patio Station is supplied with two types of plug-in Cat-5 connectors:

Quick connect press-on type Cat-5 connector (see Figure 1) Screw-down type Cat-5 connector (see Figure 2)

The quick connect press-on type Cat-5 connectors have become temporarily unavailable from Linear’s supplier. These connectors will not be included in Room Stations and Patio Stations until approximately December 1st, 2010. Refer to the table below for the model numbers of the products affected.

During this period, Linear suggests using the screw-down type connectors included with the products.

PDF: TB2010-003

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