Category: Technical Bulletins

August 17, 2006

dmc1CD not recognized by dmc1 or dmc3-4 master unit

The Model DMC1CD Add-on 6-disc CD Changer is an accessory for the Model DMC1 or DMC3-4 Music/Communication System master units. If the CD unit is powered up before the master... Read More
August 15, 2006

Controlling multiple speaker zones with a single keypad

The MDS-6A Music Distribution System has up to six speaker zones that are normally controlled by up to six Model MCS-1A or MSC-2A Keypad Zone Controllers. In some larger installations,... Read More
August 11, 2006

New LINMODEM initialization string for Account Manager

The Model LINMODEM add-on modem used with some of Linear’s access control systems has been upgraded to a new version. This second version contains a new modem board. The new... Read More