Our Capabilities

The Nortek Security & Control Family of Brands


SMART HOME SYSTEMSWhether they are called “rules”, “policies”, “scenes” or “If This, Then That” (IFTTT) recipes, Nortek systems collect data from a large number of devices, Internet sources and personal credentials to make decisions and then take action.  From numeric keypads to identity badge credentials to voice-based communication to video analytics Nortek commercial access control, intrusion detection, and video systems protect and secure businesses, campuses, and multi-dwelling unit buildings.  Nortek’s Smart Home systems not only monitor and protect your family, they simplify your life.  Whether you are away from home with your smart phone or just pulled up to your house, Nortek’s systems can turn on and off lights and appliances, raise or close blinds, change the temperature or do all of these with just one action/command.


remote controlNortek makes it easier to connect, control and secure just about anything you can imagine – wirelessly.  From the world’s first RF garage door opener to WiFi, 4G LTE Cellular and BlueTooth-enabled personal safety, security and home automation systems to Z-Wave and Zigbee battery-powered closure contacts, water and temperature sensors, multi-color LED light bulbs, smart smoke detectors / retrofit smart smoke rings for conventional smoke detectors, light switches and outlets to health and wellness bracelets and pendants that monitor pulse and much more, Nortek knows how to do it without wires.


designIt’s no small feat to be trusted by more than 3 million commercial businesses and residential homeowners as well as system dealers and security service providers on a daily basis.  To reach this level of trust, your products must be reliable, and that starts with quality engineering and manufacturing.  Nortek doesn’t just build products under our own brands (2GIG, Linear, GoControl and Numera), we design, customize and manufacture (OEM and ODM) systems for a number of well-known companies in our ISO 9001:2008-compliant facilities.   What can we design and manufacture for your company?