DMC-10AWP Audio input wall plate can mute MDS-6A Music Distribution System

DMC-10AWP Audio input wall plate can mute MDS-6A Music Distribution SystemLinear’s M&S Systems brand Model DMC-10 Structured Wire Intercom System can provide muting control to Linear’s ChannelPlus brand Model MDS-6A Music Distribution System and other systems through the Model DMC-10AWP Audio Input Wall Plate.

The wall plate features a mute output jack that provides a contact closure whenever the DMC-10 intercom system is being used to communicate between stations. The mute output will also stay activated during the extended 25-second hands-free reply listening time and for two seconds whenever the DMC-10 door chime has been activated.

To have the DMC-10 mute an MDS-6A system, use a double-ended 3.5 mm mono mini-jack cable to connect the DMC-10AWP MUTE OUTPUT jack to the MDS-6A PAGE TRIG IN jack. See the figure below.

This hookup will only provide muting control to the MDS-6A. Except for the muting, the two systems will continue to function independently.

♦ NOTE: Other audio systems that feature muting via a contact closure can also be connected to the DMC-10AWP Audio Input Wall Plate as well as home automation systems or ANY other system that can react to a dry contact closure.

PDF: TB2007-003

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