DMC1MM Compatibility with iPhone5

MikeLaurel | October 26, 2012
Technical Bulletins

DMC1MM Compatibility with iPhone5The DMC1MM is designed to work with iPods and iPhones that utilize the 30 pin Apple connector. With the introduction of the new iPhone 5, iTouch 5th Gen and iPod Nano 7th Gen with the new 8 pin Lightning connector, an adapter (shown above) is required for use with the DMC1MM.

Our testing has shown that both the Lightning adapters from Apple work well with the DMC1MM for all the new Apple products. However, this does not insure 100% compatibility 100% of the time. Apple’s web site states “Some 30-pin accessories are not supported”. Additionally, there are no assurances that non-Apple adapters will be compatible with the DMC1MM and should in no situation be used.

PDF: TB2012-010