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End of Life v3 Node and Micronode products

Posted 1.23.2017 | Product Bulletin

v3 node boards are currently supplied in all 50P and 5000P controllers, EXN’s and Micro nodes models. v3 board revisions are compatible with v2 and v3 50/ 50P and 5000 /5000P models.  Due to end of life component issues we will be phasing out the v3 node board. We have purchased last time buy inventory and will sell until no longer available.

A new Node (EXN v4) and Micronode v4 node board is being introduced as its replacement. Note that the v4 but is not backward compatible to v2, v3 and older systems. Today 50P V4 and 5000P V4 all support the new EXN V4 and Micronode V4 as well as legacy hardware.

NSC is obsoleting the part numbers that use the v3 boards to create two sets of part numbers to designate nodes / micronodes that are v3 legacy and current v4.  The purpose of this change is to preserve all remaining v3 components for customers that may need to support and expand existing v3 system expansion.


The following part numbers are going obsolete effective July 1st 2016:

ModelPart NoModel Description
eMerge Micronode230222eMerge Micronode
eMergeEXN0-587004eMerge Expansion Node
eMergeNNB0-587009eMerge Spare Network Node Board


The following part numbers are replacing the items listed above:

ModelPart NoDescription
eMergeEXN V4620-101352eMerge Expansion Node, v4 P-Series
eMergeNNB V4620-101353eMerge Spare Network Node Board, v4 P-Series
eMergeEXN V3620-101354eMerge Expansion Node, v3
eMergeNNB V3620-101355eMerge Spare Network Node Board, v3
eMergeMNODE V4620-101356eMerge Micronode, v4 P-Series
eMergeMNODE V3620-101357eMerge Micronode, v3



Replacement Part Cross-Reference Table:

Part NoModel DescriptionReplaced by part numbers:
620-101356 – eMerge Micronode, v4 P-Series
620-101357 – eMerge Micronode, v3
Expansion Node
620-101352 – eMerge Expansion Node, v4 P-Series
620-101354 – eMerge Expansion Node, v3
0-587009eMerge Spare
Network Node Board
620-101353 – eMerge Spare Network Node Board, v4 P-Series
620-101355 – eMerge Spare Network Node Board, v3