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FMC8 and NR8M speaker wiring

| Posted 8.21.2006 | Technical Bulletins

FMC8 and NR8M speaker wiringThe Model FMC8 and NR8M Ceiling Intercom Speakers are now being supplied with blue and violet hook-up wires soldered to the speaker terminals. The violet wire is soldered to the negative speaker terminal.The blue wire is soldered to the positive speaker terminal.

When connecting speakers to a Model MVC1 Monaural Volume Control or to a Model SVC96 Stereo Volume Control using Model MS2SX5SC Shielded Speaker Cable match the wire colors: violet-to-violet, blue-to-blue.

Some M&S Systems instructions refer to red and black speaker hook-up wires. The FMC8/ NR8M speaker instructions are accurate regarding connecting violet-to-black and blue-to-red wires. Other instructions (DMC1 Finish-out & MC960PA Finish-out) state the opposite. Either wiring method can be used as long as all speakers in the same system are wired using the same method.

PDF: TB2006-005

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