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GoControl Z-Wave Products End-of-Life Notification with Replacement Parts

Posted 9.05.2017 | Product Bulletin, Uncategorized

Effective December 1st, 2017, the following GoControl Z-Wave parts will go End-of-Life due to the discontinuation of the Z-Wave 300 Series chipset by the manufacturer.  Orders will be processed for the End-of-Life parts until December 1st, 2017, or while supplies last. The table below details the Z-Wave Plus replacement part, where applicable, for the discontinued part.

EOL PartDescriptionReplacement PartDescriptionList Price
PS15Z-2Old Plug-In AppliancePS15EMZ5-1Z-Wave Plus Energy Monitoring Appliance Module$59.95
PD300Z-2Old Plug-InPD300EMZ5-1Z-Wave Plus Energy Monitoring Lamp Module$59.95
WT00Z-1Z-Wave 3-Way Wall SwitchWT00Z5-1Z-Wave Plus 3-Way Wall/ Dimmer Switch$59.95
WD500Z-1Z-Wave Wall Dimmer SwitchWD500Z5-1Z-Wave Plus Wall Dimmer Switch$59.95
WS15Z-1Z-Wave Wall SwitchWS15Z5-1Z-Wave Plus Wall Switch$59.95
WO15Z-1Z-Wave Single Wall OutletWO15EMZ5-1Z-Wave Plus Energy Monitoring Outlet$74.95
WD1000Z-1Z-Wave Wall Dimmer SwitchNo replacement
FS20Z-1Z-Wave Isolated Contact Fixture ModuleNo replacement
WADWAZ-1Z-Wave Door/Window SensorNo replacement
WAPIRZ-1Z-Wave Passive Infrared Motion DetectorNo replacement
GB00Z-2Z-Wave Glass Break DetectorNo replacement

Z-Wave Plus is the latest advancement in the Z-Wave Standard, providing:

  • Better Range – 30% greater wireless range
  • Energy Monitoring – Feedback on the energy usage of a module to EM equipped hubs (Only on EM designated products)
  • Local Association – Create Associations from load bearing switch to other devices without going to the hub
  • Backward Compatibility to all previous Z-Wave control hubs