LDCO800 Safety Beam Standby Mode

LDCO800 Safety Beam Standby ModeThis technical bulletin describes safety beam standby mode operation of LDCO800 when HAE00061 control board is used. In the standby mode, the sender and receiver beam indicator LEDs will remain off to conserve power.

For initial installation or field reset, the automatic door force is setup by running the door to four open and close cycles. Thereafter, the safety beams will be in standby mode under following conditions.

The door is idle for 5 minutes after:

  • First door travel after door force setup
  • Reaching to fully closed position
  • Mid-travel stop when travelling in downward direction
  • Pressing wall station’s courtesy light button to turn the light onNotes:
  1. The courtesy light will not turn on under battery backup operation but the beam indicator lights will work as described above.
  2. The beam indicator lights will be always on when the door is moving in downward direction.
  3. The beam standby operation only applies when LDCO800 has HAE00061 control board.
  4. The beam standby feature is not available on earlier version of LDCO800 control boards or on any of Linear AC powered operators.
  5. The standby feature complies with UL 325.

PDF: TB2012-007