LDO & LSO Garage Door Operator Open Limit Switch Adjustment

LDO & LSO Garage Door Operator Open Limit Switch AdjustmentThis bulletin applies to all Linear Model LDO & LSO garage door operators manufactured from December 3rd, 2007 to April 6th, 2008. Products manufactured between these dates have the preset factory location of the open limit adjustment set abnormally high.This can affect operator setup and testing in 7-foot and 8-foot rail installations.

To prevent possible damage to the operator and/or rail components, BEFORE APPLYING POWER TO THE OPERATOR, turn the OPEN LIMIT adjustment screw downward (counterclockwise) seven (7) full turns. This will return the operator to the normal factory setting. After adjusting, FOLLOW ALL PRINTED INSTRUCTIONS supplied with the operator.

If the open limit is not readjusted prior to testing the operator, with the trolley disconnected from the traveler (also known as the inner slide), it is possible to overrun the traveler into the drive sprocket during testing. This can cause damage to the traveler and/or the operator.

How to identify affected products:

The date of manufacture is stamped on the outside of the operator’s packing box above the product identification label. If the product has already been corrected at the factory, a light blue dot will be seen on or near the label. Operators produced after April 7th, 2008 have the correct preset open limit setting and no field action is required.

PDF: TB2008-002