Linear E3 Entry Rewarded ESX Innovation Award

MikeLaurel | August 14, 2017

The Electronic Security Expo announced the winners back in June for its 2017 Innovation Awards, recognizing outstanding products and services that drive the electronic security and life safety industry forward. NSC’s newest latest and greatest product, the Linear e3 Entry, won for Access Control category.

The Linear E3 Entry is officially releasing September 1st. It is a remotely manageable Telephone Entry system designed for a new generation of customers looking for all in one cutting edge telephone entry and physical access control systems for multi-dwelling / tenant buildings, gated communities, and commercial unattended reception entry areas.  It features an intuitive 4.3” color screen interface that supports simple tone gesturing and visual cues. E3 Entry leverages the same browser-based interface as other e3 systems with learn-one-operate-all benefit, consequently lowering the costs for installation and management.

For the end-user, it is uniquely better via the e3 Entry’s intuitive consumer-tested User Interface that reduces user anxiety and simplifies the customer experience with minimum click-thru steps, visual and auditable navigation prompts. For the dealer/customer, it is all about ease of use: the e3 Entry is out-of-the-box-ready system with intuitive installation wizard and all e3 systems share one common database and programming interface.

Check it out here.

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