Urgent Issues: Please contact us via telephone at (800)-421-1587 or 760-438-7000.The first available Application Engineer will assist you. If we are experiencing high call volumes, your call may be transferred to voice mail. Please be sure to leave your name, phone number and a brief description of the problem you are experiencing. Your voice mail will be responded to in the order that it was received.

Non Urgent Issues: We encourage you to contact us via email or Live Chat  (and Numera Live Chat) for less urgent issues. This allows us to assists customers with critical issues via the telephone and eliminates having you wait in the queue for assistance. Our goal is to respond to all email requests within 4 business hours.



Welcome: Please contact us via email by clicking on the appropriate link below for support.

  Access Email  Email Now – access.linear@nortekcontrol.com
  2GIG Email Email Now – 2GIG.Linear@nortekcontrol.com
  E3 Essential/Elite/Telephone Entry Email Email Now – E3.E3@nortekcontrol.com
  eMerge 50/5000 Email Email Now – emerge.linear@nortekcontrol.com
  Returns Email Now – returns@nortekcontrol.com
  Audio, Video Email Email Now – Linear.video@nortekcontrol.com
  Radio Email Email Now – Radio.Linear@nortekcontrol.com
  Linear ProControl Email Email Now – procontrol@nortekcontrol.com
  IEI Hubman Email Email Now – ieihubman@nortekcontrol.com
  IEI Keypad Email Email Now – ieikeypad.Linear@nortekcontrol.com
  Numera Email Email Now – numera@nortekcontrol.com
  PERS Email Email Now – personalemergency@nortekcontrol.com
  Z-Wave Email Now – z-wave.linear@nortekcontrol.com
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