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Mounting DMC-10H structured wire intercom hub in On-Q Brand enclosures

| Posted 7.16.2007 | Technical Bulletins

Mounting DMC-10H structured wire intercom hub in On-Q Brand enclosuresOn-Q structured wiring enclosures feature a uniform grid pattern which has different spacing than Linear’s structured wiring enclosures’ grid pattern. Linear’s M&S Systems brand DMC-10H Structured Wire Intercom Hub can be custom installed into any of the On-Q enclosures listed above by using an OpenHouse Model H200 Universal Mounting Bracket. The H200 bracket measures 6-1/2” W x 10-1/4” H and has room for one or two DMC-10H hubs (see Figure 1).

To mount the H200 bracket inside the On-Q enclosure, use the bracket as a template and drill pilot holes for the mounting screws. Secure the bracket with two or four 1/2” long, #10 self-tapping sheet metal screws.

As an alternate method, one DMC-10H will mount in the On-Q enclosures listed below by using the keyhole slot in the enclosure as the top right mounting hole.The module’s snap-lock fastener must be removed. In its place, a zip-tie should be used to secure the module to the enclosure (see Figure 2).

PDF: TB2007-005

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