New 2GIG Vario Hybrid Security System from Nortek Security & Control Offers Ultimate Installation Scalability

Versatile security system leverages 2GIG wireless sensor line and works harmoniously with gate and access control systems.

Las Vegas, NV – January 5, 2017 – CES 2017 – Sands Booth #41317 — Nortek Security & Control, a leader in the security, smart home and wellness technology markets, today announces the new 2GIG® Vario Hybrid Security System. The complete Vario system consists of a security control panel with on-board hardwire inputs and outputs, which can add wireless capabilities to take advantage of 2GIG’s existing wireless solutions. Vario has multiple keypad styles, a variety of zone and output expanders, two options for power supply expansion, two-way voice compatibility, two distinct receiver options, and a wide variety of tamper-protected enclosures. Each device within the Vario line can be combined to create a personalized security system that provides the ideal coverage, size, and price for any project.

Scalable to any size installation or job, the Vario system supports the entire 2GIG wireless sensor line. Access to the established line of sensors enhances the Vario system’s flexibility by enabling a la cart additions of solutions such as the 2GIG Glass Break sensor or 2GIG Flood and Temperature sensor that monitor or potentially damaging events such as flooding or windows shattering. 2GIG Wireless Door/Window sensors can be added to monitor entry points where hardwired solutions are impossible or cost prohibited.

Designed to operate within the confines of existing systems, 2GIG Vario is fully compatible with a number of current automation and access control systems including the Linear e3 platform. The panel’s extensive zone typing enables cross-system actions and commands and makes the entire system more robust. Through Vario’s programmable outputs, systems that traditionally worked together as separate structures, such as security and access control, can be bonded together. This unification enables events taking place in separate systems, such as an access control or gating, to trigger the Vario system to perform additional actions for a more holistic experience.

“To meet the growing need for a more flexible security system in the residential, commercial, and builder markets, we engineered Vario to provide our customers with the access they need to integrate with existing systems and freedom to add-on the sensors and accessories needed to get the job done and create the best system,” said Steve Connor, Product Marketing Director for Nortek Security & Control. “Through Vario, we’ve created a single source for all the equipment dealers need to build a better security system for their customers that is price competitive.”

The Vario panel comes equipped with 8 hardwired zones and 4 programmable outputs and supports additional expansion boards that can be added to double the number of hardwired zones or increase the number of programmable outputs by 4 or 8. The base system supports up to 4 wired smoke detectors with auto reset, features internal and external tamper switches and uses barrel/terminal connections for power. Depending on the needs of the installation, additional expansion boards may be added to enable two-way voice communication via a Vario Digital Voice Module and Microphone/Speaker Module to verify alarms and reduce false alarms, or provide additional power to auxiliary devices.

To cut down on the amount of wire required to deploy a system, all modules within the Vario system are supported by an easy to install four-wire bus. With one wiring system that supports the power and data transmission of every hardwired device within the Vario system, critical components or accessories such as additional keypads, microphone/speaker modules, or wireless transmission modules can be incorporated into the system in the locations where they are required. Whether the system is being deployed within an existing structure, or in a new building under construction, the Vario system requires less wiring be run, resulting in time and resource savings in the field and a more reliable security system.

Similar to the other security panels within the 2GIG line, end users can access their security system and all of their connected devices from anywhere in the world at any time right from their smartphone via the app.

2GIG Vario will be on display at CES 2017 in the Nortek Security & Control smart home booth in the Sands (booth #41317) and widely available by February 2017.

For more information about the new 2GIG Vario panel please visit, or /2gig/.

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