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New Tech Can Make for a Safer Home

Anu Herranen is a product marketing, strategy and branding professional with years of experience in smart devices. As the Director of Marketing and Branding at Nortek Security & Control, she has several tech-based home security tips for homeowners.

It’s important to make sure that your fire safety is up to date. Check your smoke detector and CO2 detector by checking batteries at least monthly, and operational soundness also before the holidays. Many smart home and home security companies, like Nortek Security & Control, enable smartphone notifications—alarm triggers when there is an alert and instantly pushes notifications to your phone. Those features are even more important when travelling and when the house is empty.

Winter holidays are also a good reason to upgrade your security system, whether you are staying at home or traveling. Also consider your elderly relative or your college student when they leave their house/apartment empty for the holidays. The options today are easier to both install and use for multiple needs and life situations.

Most of the systems are wireless, which enables you to add and complement your system later with digital doorbell cameras or electronic locks, and some systems, like NSC’s 2GIG Rely, are designed to be mobile so you can take the security system with you when you move.

Many people utilize Amazon type of delivery services nowadays for easy and carefree Christmas shopping, but porch side thefts are increasingly common. Digital doorbells are a great way to make sure that you know when a package arrives, and you can even advise the delivery man to store the package in a safe place.

– Anu Herranen

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