AE-500: Commercial Telephone Entry System – Two Doors

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This product is discontinued

AE-500 Basic Remote Programming
Create a Dial-up connection using Windows 7
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The Model AE-500 Commercial Telephone Entry System – Two Doors is designed for use as a primary access control device for gated communities, parking garages, office buildings, apartments, dormitories, hotels/motels, commercial buildings and recreational facilities with up to 250 residents or users.

Housed in a locked, rugged stainless steel faced enclosure, the AE-500 features a side-lit 12-key telephone style keypad with bright, easy-to-read graphics, a backlit two-line directory display with a programmable welcome message, a built-in microphone, speaker, and provision for an optional color CCTV camera.

The two relay output channels can be programmed to control electric door strikes, magnetic locks, door & gate operators, or barrier gates.

The system utilizes hands-free, full duplex telephone communications between visitors and residents for granting access.

The system can be programmed locally using the keypad, remotely with a touch tone telephone, or remotely using a computer equipped with a modem and a web browser.


Gated communities, parking garages, office buildings, apartments, dormitories, hotels/motels, commercial buildings, and recreational facilities


  • Economically priced
  • Up to 250 user capacity
  • Up to 500 block coded transmitter capacity
  • Built-in 318 MHz RF receiver
  • Many installation choices: surface, recessed, gooseneck
  • Built-in modem for remote programming
  • Multiple programming methods: from keypad, from touchtone telephone, from web browser
  • Two configurable output relays
  • 10.75″ W x 12.75″ H x 3.5″ D

Order number: ACP00899

Communications:Full duplex, hands-free operation
Programmable Features:Telephone Entry: 2- to 4-digit directory code length; display messages; talk time duration
Relay:2 form “C” relays, both can be configured for open/close; all relay contacts have RFI, ARC, and lightning suppression
Modem:For remote computer communications – 14.4 Kbps
Front Panel:LCD technology, 2 lines by 16 characters
Keypad Lighting:Surround LED lighting for the front panel keypad; LEDs remain on at 50% intensity until a key is pressed; once a key is pressed, LEDs illuminate at 100% intensity for a period of 2 minutes
RF:318 MHz super heterodyne receiver with -100 dBm sensitivity; built-in 20 dBm adjustable attenuator for fine tuning radio performance; antenna required for use with transmitters
PBUS:1 set for connecting proprietary wired keypad
Request To Exit:2 normally open inputs; each input assigned to specific relay
Door Sense:Monitors status of main relay
LEDs:For configuration, status and troubleshooting
Power:12/ 24 VAC or VDC, 500 mA DC typical; 750 mA DC maximum
OPERATING TEMPERATURE:-22° to +149° F (-30° to +65° C)
ANTENNAS:EXA-1000: remote, omni directional; includes mounting hardware and five feet of cable; EXA-2000: remote, directional-type; includes mounting hardware and ten feet of cable
MEMORY250 directory codes, 500 block coded MegaCode transmitters, 500 entry codes; entry codes can be programmed for unlimited use or temporary use with up to 250 activations; all data is stored in non-volatile memory
OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Trim Ring: for flush/recess mounting. 14.75″ H x 12.75″ W x 2.75″ D (375 x 324 x 70 mm)
CONNECTIONSAll connections grouped together in neighborhoods for ease of installation and maintenance; wire connections via removable terminal blocks
16 gauge powder coated steel cabinet; 16 gauge brushed stainless steel front panel
STANDARD EQUIPMENTAE-500 Two Portal Telephone Entry system with built-in radio receiver and modem for computer programming; accepts transmitters and keypads as inputs; surface or gooseneck mounting standard
DIMENSIONS10.75″ W x 12.75″ H x 3.5″ D (273 x 324 x 89 mm)
Accessories for use with the AE-500
AM-KPExterior Keypad
AM-KPIInterior Keypad
MGTGate Safety Edge Transmitter
CCM-1AColor Camera
EXA-2000Directional Remote Antenna
EXA-1000Omni-directional Remote Antenna
GNB-1Burial Mount Gooseneck
GNC-1Curb Mount Gooseneck
TR-500Trim Ring
Models compatible with the AE-500
MDT-1B1-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter
MDT-2B3-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter
MDT-4B5-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter
MT-1B1-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter
MT-2B2-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter
ACT-31B1-Channel Block Coded Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-34B4-Channel Block Coded Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-21B1-Channel Block Coded Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-22B3-Channel Block Coded Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-31C1-Channel Custom Block Coded Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-34C4-Channel Custom Block Coded Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-31D1-Channel Block Coded Key Ring TRANS PROX Transmitter & Proximity Tag
ACT-34D4-Channel Block Coded Key Ring TRANS PROX Transmitter & Proximity Tag

Installation Manual

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