AKR-1: Exterior Digital Keypad with Radio Receiver

The Nortek Security & Control Family of Brands

The Model AKR-1 Exterior Digital Keypad with Radio Receiver is a digital keyless entry system designed for access control applications. The keypad is housed in a rugged cast aluminum enclosure that can be mounted to a pedestal or bolted directly to a wall. The die-cast keys have bright, easy-to-read yellow graphics.

Up to 480 entry codes, from 1 to 6 digits in length, can be programmed. They can activate either, or both, of the relay outputs.

Up to four sets of block coded MegaCode® transmitters (up to 480 transmitters total) can be used to gain access through the AKR-1’s built-in radio receiver. Each transmitter can be individually suspended or re-activated. Four facility codes can be programmed to identify each block of transmitters. A Radio Test Mode is provided for testing transmitters and detecting radio interference. Programming of individual (non-block coded) transmitters is not supported by the AKR-1.

Linear’s Model MGT safety edge transmitter is compatible with the AKR-1. This supervised transmitter is used to detect and transmit obstacle events to the AKR-1 receiver. Obstacle signals from an MGT transmitter will activate Relay #2.


  • Self-contained keyless entry system ideal for airports, hospitals, warehouses, office buildings, parking lots, and many other commercial facilities
  • Rugged, cast aluminum enclosure for indoor or outdoor mounting on a wall or pedestal
  • Built-in radio receiver
  • Four independent outputs and timers: two form C relays and two solid-state open collector outputs
  • Accepts 480 entry codes, 480 block code transmitters, plus one fully supervised Model MGT safety edge transmitter
  • Two LED indicators show system status
  • Key operating features include: door sense input; inhibit input; request-to-exit input; alarm shunt output; timed anti-passback; and keypad lockout
  • Down light illuminates whenever keypad is used
  • Tactile and audible feedback
  • Keylock secures keypad to mounting backplate
  • RF frequency: 318 MHz
  • 4″ W x 7″ H x 3″ D

Order number: ACP00747

Dimensions:4.0″ W x 7.0″ H x 3.0″ D (101.6 x 177.8 x 76.2 mm)
Voltage:12-24 Volts AC or DC (AC supply must be transformer isolated)
Current:10 mA typical, 150 mA maximum
Main Relay:Form “C” 5 Amps @ 28 Volts maximum
Auxiliary Relay:Form “C” 1 Amp @ 28 Volts maximum
Solid State Outputs:Short-to-common 100 mA @ 24 VDC maximum
RF:Integral 318 MHz super regenerative receiver @ -95 dBm sensitivity (nominal); receives Linear block code transmitters
Open Request:Terminal input activates the programmed control relay
Door Sense/Inhibit:Monitors status of a protected door or can be programmed to restrict access to relay 1
Keypad:Monitors status of a protected door or can be programmed to restrict access to relay 1
Temperature:-22° F to +149° F (-30° C to +65° C)
Humidity:5% to 95% non-condensing
Accessories for use with the AKR-1
ACT-21B1-Channel Block Coded Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-22B3-Channel Block Coded Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-31B1-Channel Block Coded Key Ring Transmitter
ACT-34B4-Channel Block Coded Key Ring Transmitter
GNB-1Burial Mount Gooseneck
GNC-1Curb Mount Gooseneck
MDT-1B1-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter
MDT-2B3-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter
MDT-4B5-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter
MGTGate Safety Edge Transmitter
MT-1B1-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter
MT-2B2-Channel Block Coded Visor Transmitter

Installation Manual

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov