Minimote Remote Controller

Utilize the Minimote to create a Z-Wave mesh network with a 2GIG control panel

The Minimote is a low-cost Z-Wave remote controller manufactured by AEON Labs. It is designed to be a great installer or end-user tool for wirelessly programming or controlling home automation devices.

The Minimote can be upgraded (via connection to computer/internet) so that the remote controller will always be able to have the most recent build of Z-Wave protocols. A rechargeable internal lithium battery allows for months of usage—recharging is accomplished via its USB port.

The Minimote can be used as a complete Z-Wave scene controller. Each button on the Minimote remote controller can perform a wide array of functions. In addition to being able to turn things on/off or brighten/dim lights, the Minimote can control entire scenes, turning multiple devices on and off at once.

The Minimote is available from Nortek Security & Control in white case color only. A black case color model is available from other online retailers, if desired.


Model Number: MINIMOTE
Download Minimote Instructions

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