HC1CH30-6: Height Strip Camera

HC1CH30-6: Height Strip Camera

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Height Strip cameras can be coupled with ceiling-mounted CCTV cameras to augment businesses’ surveillance capabilities. The ceiling cameras capture the subject’s height as he or she passes the height strip while the camera on-board the Height Strip captures facial images. Businesses that install height strip tape without an on-board camera run the risk of failing to capture facial images of subjects wearing a hat or hood.

The Aigis Height Strip Camera was designed with ease of installation and high adjustability in mind. The curved front surface of the unit and tinted viewing windows allow the camera to be rotated for site specific adjustments. The camera’s 3.0mm IR corrected wide-angle lens provides a 78° horizontal field of view. The camera can be turned 22° left and right of center to capture the desired view.

Sized to fit most standard door frames (1.75″ width), and cable entry through the top, bottom, or rear of the unit allows the unit to be installed in a wide variety of environments. Equip the unit with an additional accessory camera and mount the Height Strip Camera between two doors to cover both entrance and exit with a single unit. Side-facing cameras can be installed to provide a profile shot across a doorway while the other on-board cameras face into the business.

NOTES: Standard unit is painted white with color coded decals. Custom colors are available; contact the factory for details. No angle adapter required to change viewing angle; cameras turn independent of the height strip casing. Camera ships pre-focused and a 12VDC power supply is included.


HC1CH30-6 Height Strip Camera, 650TVL, 3.0mm lens, 12VDC, 150mA, White
HC1CH30-6B Height Strip Camera, 650TVL, 3.0mm lens, 12VDC, 150mA, Black
CAM-HC1CH30-6 Accessory Camera for HC1CH30-6 Height Strip, Color, 650TVL, 3.0mm Lens, 12VDC 150mA
MT-HC Height strip accessory L-bracket, turn unit 90 degrees left or right
PS-HC1CH30 Converts 24V (either AC or DC) to 12VDC up to 500mA, compatible with any HC1CH30 or HC1CH30-6 series Height Strip Camera, kit contains power adapter board, strain relief, input/output cables, and mounting bracket with fasteners