2131: 12-volt In-wall Target with Talk Back LED (Discontinued)

The Model 2131 12-volt In-wall IR Target with Talk Back LED is a J-box IR target that connects to the Model 2100A In-wall IR Interface through three wires. When IR remote control signals are received by the target, they are inserted by the Model 2100A into the coax cable and sent back to the video hub. IR emitters connected to the video hub, or to a 5500 series IR enabled modulator connected to the video hub, will repeat the IR remote control signals back to the video source component. For visual feedback to the user, the red “talk back” LED in the IR target will flash as IR remote control signals are received.

Not for use with 5-volt IR systems. The Model 2100A interface must be used at all target locations. Cable requirements for long lengths: three-conductor/24 gauge wire up to 200′, 22 gauge up to 600′, 20 gauge up to 2000′ and 18 gauge up to 5000′ (unshielded OK).


  • Three-wire connection to Model 2100A interface
  • Red “talk back” LED tests system for correct wiring as well as indicating infrared reception
  • J-box mounting
  • Fits Decora® style wall plates
  • Includes dark lens for decorator-style wall plate
  • Nominal reception angle: 45 degrees off axis
  • Nominal reception range: > 25 feet
  • Maximum cable length: One mile with 18 gauge
  • 1.3″ W x 4.0″ H x 2.2″ D