2184: IR Breakout Block

The Nortek Security & Control Family of Brands

2184: IR Breakout Block

The Model 2184 IR Breakout Block allows local IR access on DA-550 and DA-8200 distribution amplifiers. The distribution amplifiers have a three-pin power connector. One of the connector’s pins supplies the IR remote control signals received from IR targets connected to the amplifier. Attach the Model 2184 to the amplifier’s power connector and up to four IR emitters may be connected directly to the Model 2184. To power the amplifier, the power supply transformer connects to the power jack on the Model 2184.

A four-position expansion terminal block on the Model 2184 provides termination for additional connections to DC power and IR emitter signals.


  • Connects directly to DA-550 or DA-8200 distribution amplifiers
  • Allows for local IR in enclosure
  • Four emitter jacks
  • One power jack
  • One four-position expansion terminal block
  • 1.3″ W x 3.0″ H x 0.8″ D