233: Magnetic Stripe Access Control Card Reader

The Model 233 magnetic card reader reads ANSI Track II encoded magnetic cards. This type of encoding can be found on most credit cards, bank ATM cards, state ID’s, drivers license and access control system cards. A built in test feature will allow testing of a card to confirm its system compatibility prior to attempting to program the card(s). The sleek narrow design allows the card reader to be mounted to a mullion door frame or any flat surface. The need for a back box is not required, increasing the application flexibility. A unique feature of the 233 is the ability to set the system into an ATM mode that allows access to cards that have track II information, without having to program the cards into the system. The magnetic card readers brushed metal finish and elegant design, make it a perfect choice for commercial or residential installations.


  • 120 users
  • Surface mount – fits on door mullion
  • Two-piece unit, includes remote controller w/programming keypad
  • 1 – 5 amp SPDT relay in controller
  • 3 -1 amp SPDT relays in controller
  • Door position monitoring
  • Door ajar, forced door, alarm shunt outputs
  • Bi-color LED to indicate operation
  • Indoor/outdoor capability with up to 120 users
  • Functionality mode – 233


  • Operating voltage: 12/24 volts AC/DC – Jumper selectable
  • Current draw: 70 mA maximum (add 15 mA for each addition output)
  • Dimensions: 1.75″ W x 4.50″ H x 1.155″ D
  • Temperature tolerance: -20F to 130F

Order number: 0-233340

User Manual