5555HHR: High-Headroom RF Distribution Kit w/ 12-volt IR System

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5555HHR: High-Headroom RF Distribution Kit w/ 12-volt IR System

The Model 5555HHR High-Headroom RF Distribution Kit with 12-volt IR System offers many of the basic components needed to assemble an eight room TV distribution system. The kit includes:

(1) – Model DA-550HHR: High-Headroom RF Distribution Amplifier with 12-Volt IR
(1) – Model 5545: 4-Channel Modulator with IR
(3) – Model 2100A: In-Wall Interfaces
(2) – Model 2172: Dual-Head IR Emitters
(5) – Model 2501-10: DC Blocking Capacitors

The kit provides eight rooms of amplified off-air antenna or one-way cable TV distribution from the Model DA-550HHR amplifier; four injected TV channels from the Model 5545 modulator, IR control of four audio/video source components with the two Model 2172 dual-head IR emitters; three rooms of wall plate termination with IR target and emitter jacks with the Model 2100A in-wall IR interfaces (Model 2130A or Model 2132 set-top IR targets not included); and five rooms without IR control using the Model 2501 blocking capacitors.


  • Four modulated TV channels create TV channels for cameras or other video sources
  • IR remote control signals from IR targets pass back through the system coax to IR emitters
  • In-wall interfaces fit Decora® style wall plates for a professional looking installation
  • Easily expandable with additional Linear components