7420S: Color Bullet Camera (Silver Case) (Discontinued)

The Model 7420S Color Bullet Camera (Silver Case) is designed for low light operation. This “bullet” style camera is supplied with a thumbscrew locking universal mounting bracket. The adjustable sun shade can be removed for indoor use. The Model 7420S camera is designed to function with any video monitor, the Model 3015 and 3025 video distribution systems, or any of the 5400 or 5500 series modulators.


  • Silver housing
  • Color picture
  • Composite video output, no audio
  • 73° viewing angle coverage
  • .5 lux minimum illumination
  • Automatic white balance
  • NTSC format
  • .91″ W x 1.125″ H x 3.94″ D (without stand)

Installation Manual