AP-2: Gate Access Controller (Discontinued)

For sites that have a single entrance and/or one gate, the AccessPro controller model AP-2 is an ideal wireless-based access controller. It can be used to remotely activate devices such as gate operators, door strikes, or door operators.

The AP-2’s integral high gain receiver has a 250-foot range (extended range antennas are options). Transmitters can trigger the gate or barrier from inside a vehicle, without even stopping or rolling down the window.

Two relay outputs are provided: one activates the open/access input of the door or gate control; the other is for obstacle control. AP-2 fully supervises one MGT safety edge transmitter by looking for an hourly status signal. If no signal is received over a four-hour period, AP-2 alerts the user by beeping every five seconds. The user must then activate the transmitter twice in order to gain access. The MGT also reports a low battery condition or tampering to AP-2.

Installation and set-up are remarkably easy. AP-2 can be powered by either a 14 Vac transformer (supplied) or from an external 12 to 24 Vac or 12 to 24 Vdc supply.

AP-2 is compatible with all MegaCode format transmitters, which come factory precoded with one of over 1,000,000 codes, all but eliminating any chance of duplication. There are no dip switches to set. The AP-2 controller auto-learns each transmitter code. No unauthorized person can gain entry simply by reprogramming a transmitter. Once the controller recognizes a transmitter signal, it triggers the access relay to provide a momentary contact for activating the access device. Specific transmitters can be deleted with just a few keystrokes on AP-2’s integral keypad. Transmitter code data is stored in non-volatile EEPROM; data retention is in excess of ten years, even in a power failure.

Order number: ACP00338