CAM-SUT1: CCTV Tester (Discontinued)


The Aigis CAM-SUT1 CCTV Tester offers field technicians a wide range of features to simplify CCTV camera installations. Power, focus and aim your cameras locally without a trip back to the control room. The unit’s bright screen and easy to use menu are ideal for outdoor use. A durable rubberized skin helps protect the unit from general wear. A lanyard and a hand strap are included to ease installs in elevated locations.

This device allows the installer to control PTZ cameras that accept data over RS232, RS422 simplex, or RS485 ports. The Address Search feature can be used to run a search and determine a PTZ unit’s address. The UTP cable test feature checks for connectivity across all 8 wires and also displays the pin-to-pin connections of the RJ45 connectors.

The unit includes a rechargeable Lithium Ion Polymer battery that charges for 4 hours and can last up to 12 hours in the field. An auxiliary 12VDC, 1.0A power supply can be used to locally power and adjust cameras in the field or on a test bench. The RS485 data capture feature displays the code output of serial control devices.


CAM-SUT1 Handheld CCTV tester; 3.5″ LCD; RS485/232; video in, loop out; 12VDC supply; audio In; UTP test