CP-90: Supervised Hybrid Security System, 64 zone


  • 18 reporting groups: perimeter; restricted interior; interior; fire; emergency; police/holdup; chime only; automation #1; automation #2; remote panic/emergency: remote panic/police; guard zone; environmental A; environmental B; environmental C; arm/disarm toggle; access only; remote button disable
  • Seven security levels/two test levels
  • Installer program mode
  • 61 radio zones/three hardwire zones
  • Full supervision of RF channels; radio receiver; hardwire zones; power sources – AC input, standby battery, all DC outputs; communicator; hardwire keypad connection; panel and device tamper
  • 14 available communicator formats
  • Two programmable form “C” relays
  • Synchronized keypad audio output
  • Auxiliary output 1.0 Amp; 1.75 optional
  • Optional 2-way voice module
  • UL listed
  • Order number: SSC00017