DMC1CDB: Add-on 6-disc CD Changer (Black)

The Model DMC1CDB 6-disc Add-on CD Changer (Black) is a multi-disc Compact Disc player that connects to the DMC1 or DMC3-4 Music/Communications systems for a CD audio source input. The CD changer mounts below the master unit and contains a slide in CD magazine that can hold up to 6 Compact Discs.

Five CD playing modes are available:

Normal – Plays CDs and tracks sequentially
Repeat Song – Repeat the current track
Repeat Disc – Repeats the current disc from the beginning
Random Disc – Randomly play tracks from the current disc
Random All – Randomly play tracks from all CDs

Next Disc, Previous Track, Play/Pause, and Next Track pushbuttons control the changer while playing. The DMC1 and DMC3-4 master unit display shows the disc number selected and the track number currently playing. The display can also show the total number of tracks on the current CD and the track of playing time.

For rough in and finish-out components, order the Model DMC1FB Combination Mounting Frame and the DMC1HC CD Combination Wall Housing Kit.


  • Black faceplate color
  • Holds up to six Compact Discs
  • Five operating modes
  • Disc number displayed
  • Track number displayed
  • Number of tracks per CD displayed
  • Track time displayed