DVS-2400: 24-Channel Supervised Wireless Security Console (Discontinued)

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This product is discontinued

The Model DVS-2400 24-Channel Supervised Wireless Security Console is a wireless console intended for apartments, condos, townhouses, homes, and any other sites that require 24 zones of protection or less. The system features a full-function, built-in keypad with an LED display of each sensor/transmitter. The DVS-2400 is a uniquely-styled, ultra-compact, UL listed console with a concealed antenna for surface, flush, or tabletop mounting. The heart of the console is a superheterodyne radio receiver. A rechargeable back-up battery also fits inside the console.

The Model DVS-2400 has six operating modes and can be configured for one-button operation, for eight user codes (including duress).

An optional plug-in Model VB-2 board adds valuable communications capabilities, including voice prompts, touch-tone telephone access, and a two-way voice link for central station monitoring. Compatibility with the industry’s widest line of transmitters and sensors (Linear’s supervised DXS series and non-supervised DX series) means systems can be tailored by site and by need. Available models include door/windows, smokes, glass breaks, bill traps, keypads, and single and multi-channel personal transmitters in a variety of styles (handhelds, pendants, minis, and wristbands).

Installation and programming are made easy by Linear’s RA-2400 remote access software.


  • Uniquely-styled, ultra-compact console with concealed antenna
  • Surface, flush or tabletop mounting
  • 1-button arming and many other user amenities
  • Optional voice prompts, touch-tone telephone access, and 2-Way voice
  • Quick learn transmitters and windows-based programming via RA-2400 software
  • Superheterodyne receiver with up to 1,500 foot range
  • Full complement of DX and DXS transmitters for up to a 24 zone system
  • Backup battery size: 12 volts, 1.2 Amp/hour
  • UL Listed
  • Operating Frequency: 315 MHz
  • 10.5″ H x 7.75″ W x 2.87″ D
  • Order number: SSC00036
Accessories for use with the DVS-2400
Model Description
12VGB 12-Volt 1.2 Amp/hour Rechargeable Gel-cell Battery
LA-P External Antenna Kit
RJ-ADAPT RJ-31X Telephone Adapter
RSM-1 Remote Speaker/Microphone
VB-2 2-Way Audio and Remote Command Module with Voice Prompts
Models compatible with the DVS-2400
Model Description
DXS-10 Supervised Remote Keypad
DXS-21 Supervised 2-Button, 1-Channel Handheld Transmitter
DXS-23 Supervised 3-Button, 4-Channel Handheld Transmitter
DXS-31 Supervised Universal Door/Window Transmitter
DXS-32 Supervised Miniature Door/Window Transmitter
DXS-54 Supervised Passive Infrared Motion Detector Transmitter
DXS-73 Supervised Photoelectric Smoke Detector Transmitter
DXS-81 Supervised Bill Trap Transmitter
DXS-91 Supervised Glass Break Detector Transmitter
DXT-21 2-Button, 1-Channel Handheld Transmitter
DXT-23 3-Button, 4-Channel Handheld Transmitter
DXT-41 1-Button, 1-Channel Key Ring Transmitter
DXT-42 2-Button, 3-Channel Key Ring Transmitter
DXT-61A 1-Button, 1-Channel Pendant Transmitter
Primary Operating Voltage: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
Transformer: UL listed, Class II, plug-in, 16 VAC, 1.25 A (supplied)
Back-Up Battery: 1.2 Amp-hour, 12 VDC
Type: Superheterodyne
Operating Frequency: 315 MHz ± 125 Kc
Sensitivity: -100 dB minimum
Antenna Type: Counterpoised bipolar design
Compatible RF Formats: Linear DX, DXS
Radio Zones: 24 supervised
PAC Codes: Eight total, including Duress, Installer, Paging, and five User
Operating Modes: Off, Chime, Home, Home Instant, Away, and Test
Sensor Types: 11 including Automation, Emergency, Panic, Fire, Perimeter, Exit/Entry, Interior Chime Only, Arm/Disarm A, Arm/Disarm B, and Environmental
Auxiliary Outputs: Automation, External Console Speaker, and External Alarm Siren
Memory: EEPROM retains system programming during total power failure
Operating Temperature: 32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
Dialing: DTMF or pulse dialing; pulse speed (10 PPS, 60% break, 40% make)
Reporting Formats: 4 x 2, 20 PPS, or Ademco Contact ID
Telephone Numbers: Primary, secondary, and supervisory
Reports: Full zone reports, console reports, general system reports, forced arming, and duress PAC
Dimensions: 10.5″ H x 7.75″ W x 2.87″ D (267 x 197 x 73 mm)
Weight: 3 lbs. (1.36 kg)

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