DVS-KIT #63: 24-Channel, 8-Loop Wireless/Hardwire Security Panel

The Nortek Security & Control Family of Brands

The Model DVS-KIT #63 24-Channel, 8-Loop Wireless/Hardwire Security Panel Kit #63 includes a security system control panel, keypad, and a selection of popular security system accessories.

The DVS-KIT #63 kit includes:

(1) DUAL-824: 24-Channel, 8-Loop Supervised Wireless/Hardwire Security Panel and Keypad
(2) DXS-32: Supervised Miniature Door/Window Transmitters
(1) DXS-54: Supervised Passive Infrared Motion Detector Transmitter
(1) DXT-42: 2-Button, 3-Channel Key Ring Transmitter
(1) VB-2: 2-way Audio and Remote Command Module with Voice Prompts
(1) 12VGB: 12-volt 1.2 Amp/hour Rechargeable Gel-cell Battery
(1) RJ-31X: Telephone Y-adapter


  • Kit contains security control panel, keypad, and popular accessories
  • Two miniature door/window transmitters
  • One passive infrared motion sensor
  • One key ring transmitter
  • Voice board
  • Backup battery
  • Order number: DVS00063