ENC-HUB: Audio Distribution System Hub

The Model ENC-HUB Audio Distribution System Hub is an expandable digital audio system that distributes four analog or digital audio sources over Cat-5 cable to four independent speaker zones. Each speaker zone features a backlit keypad with a built-in digital amplifier that selects the audio source and controls the volume, tone, balance, loudness, and all other functions of the system. The system can be expanded with up to eight hubs for a total of 32 speaker zones. The hub is powered by a Model ENC-PS Power Supply.

Model ENC-DRS Keypads serve as a speaker zone controllers for the system. Up to four ENC-DRS Keypads can be connected to each hub. The keypad contains a Class D digital stereo amplifier with 80 watts maximum output power (40 watts per channel in a 6-ohm load) and is designed to connect to a pair of 6-ohm or 8-ohm speakers.

Model ENC-SIWP Source Input Wall Plates serve as a primary audio source inputs and wire directly to the hub. Up to four ENC-SIWP wall plates can be connected to each hub. Model ENC-LIWP Local Input Wall Plates serve as a local audio source input at each speaker zone. The ENC-LIWP wall plate connects directly to a keypad. The keypads select between the four primary hub audio sources from ENC-SIWP wall plates, or from a local audio source connected to the ENC-LIWP wall plate. A high quality analog-to-digital converter encodes analog sources to digital audio for the system. All system connections are with Cat-5 cable, the keypads and both types of wall plates mount in a single-gang J-boxes.

The system features IR remote control. An infrared repeater system monitors the infrared receivers at each keypad and repeats the infrared remote control signals to the audio source components through infrared emitters connected to the wall plates. IR emitters are sold in a 4-pack as Model 2171-4.

Two remote controls are available. The Model ENC-REM Micro Remote Control is a miniature unit that can select the audio source, control the zone’s power, volume, and mute the speakers. The larger Model ENC-LRM Advanced Learning Remote has all of the features of the basic remote with the addition of a built-in IR code library and IR learning capability allowing it to control virtually any audio source component. The learning remote also has macro capabilities that allow programming multiple key sequences.


  • Connects with up to four Source Input Wall Plates and four Encore Keypads for a 4-Source, 4-Zone Digital Audio Distribution System
  • Can also be used as a 4-Zone Expansion Hub for an existing Encore System, providing connections for up to four additional keypads
  • Zone pairing switches for synchronizing multiple keypads in larger or connected rooms
  • Separate power boost output terminals for maximum performance over long CAT-5 keypad run distances
  • Robust, high quality punch down connectors
  • 6.3″ W x 6.8″ H x 1.9″ D

User Manual
Installation Manual