ENC-LIWP: Local Input Wall Plate

The Model ENC-LIWP Local Input Wall Plate serves as a local audio source input for the Model ENC-HUB Audio Distribution System Hub. It provides a connection point for a local audio source in the same room as the speaker zone, such as an MP3 player, computer, television, or game box. A high quality analog-to-digital converter encodes analog sources to digital audio for the system.

The local input wall plate connects directly to a Model ENC-DRS Keypad with Cat-5 cable and mounts in a single-gang J-box. At each speaker zone, the keypad selects between its local audio source from a ENC-LIWP wall plate, or from the four primary hub audio sources connected to Model ENC-SIWP Source Input Wall Plates.

The ENC-LIWP features two sets of stereo RCA analog audio inputs, a coaxial digital audio input, an SPDIF optical digital audio input, an IR emitter output jack, a source selector switch, gain switches, and a clipping indicator. The analog Input #1 has a special override feature. When an audio signal is detected on this input, the wall plate will override audio signals at any of the Input #2 sources. When the audio signal on Input #1 ceases, about 10 seconds later the wall plate will switch back to an Input #2 source. The source switch is for Input #2, it selects between the coaxial digital, optical digital, and analog stereo Input #2.

For low level signals, two sets of gain switches are provided to boost the signal by 4, 8, or 10 db. The clipping indicator will light if the signal level is too high.

The system features IR remote control. An infrared repeater system monitors the infrared receivers at each keypad and repeats the infrared remote control signals to the audio source components through infrared emitters connected to the wall plates. IR emitters are sold in a 4-pack as Model 2171-4.


  • Provides connectivity to an amplified keypad for an audio input that can be used as a fifth source within a discreet zone of an Encore multi-room audio system
  • One local source input wall plate can be used per amplified keypad
  • Automatic override feature for active analog local source
  • Analog source material connected through RCA jacks is converted to 24 bit/48 kHz digital format
  • Optical and coaxial digital connections are also provided for direct digital input
  • IR emitter output jack allows ability to control sources
  • Input gain adjustment and clipping indicator
  • 1.25″ W x 4.125″ H x 2.875″ D

Installation Manual