H511HHR: High-headroom Modulator, Amplifier, Combiner

The Model H511HHR High-headroom Modulator, Amplifier, Combiner is a combination modulator, amplifier and combiner. The H511HHR creates a TV channel for a camera or other video device. Connect one of the Cat-5 cameras or any video device via the H110 wall plate. The H511HHR is an all-in-one module that powers, injects, and distributes the created channel along with antenna or CATV throughout the house using the existing coax.


  • RJ-45 Input port or screw down terminals
  • Combination modulator, high headroom amplifier & combiner
  • Channel range: CATV 65-125 & UHF 14-64 (channels 95-99 excluded)
  • Push button channel programming
  • FCC part 15 compliant
  • Five enclosure grid spaces
  • 6.25″ x 3.25″ x 2.25″