H512: Cat-5 Modulator (Discontinued)

The Model H512 Cat-5 modulator is designed for the H110 wall plate or H72x camera series. With an RJ-45 input and single-channel modulator output, the H512 offers whole house video distribution. Unique to the H512 is the ability to have simultaneous video output of the incoming Cat-5 signals. With the jumpers removed, the RCA line level jacks become inputs for the modulator.


  • Cat-5 modulator with simultaneous video & audio output
  • RJ-45 input for use with H72x series cameras or H110 wall plate
  • 25dBmV output modulator
  • Pushbutton programming
  • Configurable for line level video & audio inputs with modulation output
  • Remote power for connected cameras
  • Automatic picture compensation
  • Five enclosure grid spaces
  • 6.25″ x 3.25″ x 2.25″

Installation Manual