HS9370, HS9369: Drop Ceiling Indoor Wedge Housing (Discontinued)


The HS9369 and HS9370 Drop Ceiling Wedge Camera housings are aesthetically designed, small, low profile indoor ceiling housings for CCTV camera installations. These housings can be easily mounted in fixed or suspended ceilings and are ideal for any application where attractive and discrete CCTV monitoring is required.

Their construction consists of a tough acrylic/PVC alloy plastic cover hinged to an aluminized steel backbox. This construction allows these housings to be used in environmental air spaces or in air handling plenum of a nonfire-resistant ceiling. Other construction features include key lock access, a polycarbonate window, an adjustable camera mount system, and cable entry through conduit knockouts.

Mounting kits are available for 2×2 ft and 600×600 mm suspended ceiling tiles. These mounting kits allow 360° rotation and easy installation.


  • For fixed or suspended ceilings
  • Convenient key lock access
  • Easy installation
  • Attractive low profile styling
  • Suitable for use in environmental air spaces
  • Accessories available
HS9370, HS9369 Drop Ceiling Tile Wedge 
HS9370 Indoor drop ceiling wedge housing, 8-inch Length
HS9369 Indoor drop ceiling wedge housing, 13-inch Length