MCS-2A: Multi-function Speaker Zone Control Keypad (Discontinued)

The MCS-2A Multi-function Speaker Zone Control Keypad is designed as an in-room control for the MDS-6A Music Distribution System. In a typical installation, an MCS-2A (or MCS-1A) would be installed in each listening room or location to control the speakers in that zone. The MCS-2A mounts in a standard double-gang electrical box and is covered by a standard Decora® wall plate.

The Model MCS-2A source keys are used to select which audio source device (CD, TUNER, TAPE, DVD, DBS, TV, etc.) will be played from its specific speaker zone. The speaker’s volume can be adjusted, or muted, using the keys on the Zone Controller. Function keys for PLAY, STOP, PAUSE, SKIP FORWARD, SKIP BACKWARD, NEXT TRACK, and PREVIOUS TRACK are provided to control the source device action. Numeric keys allow direct access to numeric selection functions of the source device. Custom “macros” can be programmed into the MCS-2A to perform multiple commands.

Pre-programmed infrared remote control codes for over 500 types of audio sources can be selected for each audio source key. In addition, infrared remote control codes can be “learned” into the Zone Controller directly from the source device’s handheld remote control and assigned to almost any key on the controller. To make system setup easy, once the infrared codes are programmed into one Zone Controller, the same codes can easily be sent to other MCS-2As in the system using the “clone” feature. Any infrared code send to the MCS-2A from a handheld remote will be repeated to all source devices through the MDS-6A.

Two special features are available for each Zone Controller. The “whole-house-music” feature will play a selected audio source from all of the system’s speaker zones. The “do-not-disturb” feature prevents a speaker zone from responding to “whole-house-music” commands from other Zone Controllers and mutes any system wide pages to that speaker zone.

The MCS-2A keys can light in three colors (green, red, & yellow) to show the status of the speaker zone. The optional key backlighting lights all of the keys with a pleasant green glow.


  • Double-gang mounting
  • Connects via RJ-45 connector
  • Fits Decora® style wall plate
  • Allows selection of any audio source
  • Allows volume up/down and mute per each zone
  • Multi-colored, back-lighted keys
  • Full IR pass through
  • Customizable button tops
  • Keypad bezel provided in White and Ivory
  • Multiple units can be used in the same zone
  • Programmable transport buttons (Play, Stop, Pause, Etc.)
  • Can learn up to 25 macros with 10 steps each
  • User assignable delays for macros
  • Data cloning between keypads
  • Extensive on board IR code library simplifies source IR code programming

Installation Manual