AM-MIO RLM: Relay/Loop Module

The Model AM-MIO RLM Relay/Loop Module expands the inputs and outputs of the Model AM-MIO Input-Output Expansion Interface.

The basic AM-MIO consists of two modules: a power supply module (PSM) and a relay/loop module (RLM). Up to three additional RLM modules can be added to fill the five-position module “rack”. Each RLM module provides six Form “C” (normally open & normally closed) 5-amp relays for outputs and eight supervised loop terminals for inputs. With four RLM modules, the AM-MIO is capable of controlling 24 relay outputs and 32 loop inputs. Each module has a rotary switch to select its unique remote device address. The device address identifies each module to the system. Each module is interconnected to the controller by daisy-chained cables.


  • Expands the inputs and outputs AM-MIO
  • Six form “C” relay outputs
  • Five amp relay ratings
  • Eight supervised loop inputs
  • Manual trigger pushbuttons
  • Relay activation indicators
  • Order number: ACP00562

Installation Manual