MS5X5SC: Shielded Remote Amplifier Speaker Cable (Discontinued)

The Nortek Security & Control Family of Brands

This product is discontinued

The Model MS5X5SC Shielded Remote Amplifier Speaker Cable is 5-conductor shielded cable with four 22 gauge wires and one 20 gauge wire. The cable is supplied in a 500 foot roll. The cable’s shielding reduces outside electrical interference from radio frequency sources.

The cable’s jacket is brown. The cable contains four solid copper 22 gauge wires with violet, green, gray, and brown insulation, and one 20 gauge wire with white insulation. The white, green and violet wires are foil shielded as a trio and have a shield drain wire. The gray and brown wires are foil shielded as a pair and have a shield drain wire.

This cable is typically used for connecting a Model MC960PA Remote Power Amplifier to a Model SVC96 Stereo Volume Control.


  • Five conductors
  • One 20 gauge and four 22 gauge solid copper wires
  • Brown cable jacket
  • Violet, green, gray, brown, and white wire insulation
  • One shielded pair, one shielded trio with two drain wires
  • Cable shielding reduces electrical interference
  • 500 foot roll

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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