MS7X5SC: Shielded Remote Amplifier Input Cable

The Model MS7X5SC Shielded Remote Amplifier Input Cable is 7-conductor, 22 gauge, shielded cable. The cable is supplied in a 500 foot roll. The cable’s shielding reduces outside electrical interference from radio frequency sources.

The cable’s jacket is green. The cable contains seven solid copper 22 gauge wires with red, black, green, white, violet, yellow and blue insulation. The blue and yellow wires are foil shielded as a pair and have a shield drain wire. The red, black, green, white, and violet wires and the blue and yellow shielded pair are enclosed in a second foil shield with a drain wire.

This cable is typically used for connecting a Model dmc1 or dmc3-4 Music/Communication System to Model MC960PA Remote Power Amplifier. The cable is also used to interconnect multiple MC960PA Remote Power Amplifiers.


  • Seven conductors
  • 22 gauge solid copper wire
  • Green cable jacket
  • Red, black, green, white, violet, yellow and blue wire insulation
  • One shielded pair with second foil shield for all wires, two drain wires
  • Cable shielding reduces electrical interference
  • 500 foot roll