NW14A: Patio Station with Monitor (Almond)

The Model NW14A Patio Station with Monitor (Almond) is designed for outdoor use with the MC111M, MC111MA, and MC111DM Communication System Masters. This model patio station features a volume control, monitor button, talk and listen buttons. This model patio station is also available in white color (NW14).

Patio stations have pushbuttons that control the system operation. All patio station models can talk or listen to other room stations, door speakers and the master unit. Each has an intercom volume control. Pressing the latching monitor button on a patio station allows that area to be monitored from any of the other rooms or at the master unit.

For patio station rough-in, order the Model NME5 Patio Station Rough-in Enclosure.


  • Almond color face plate
  • Volume control sets sound level
  • Monitor feature
  • Communicates with door speakers, other room stations, and master unit