PACKMNCX: In-wall/Mini-cube Home Theater Speaker Package (Discontinued)

The Model PACKMNCX In-wall/Mini-cube Home Theater Speaker Package is a complete speaker package for creating a combination mini-cube/in-wall home theater system.

The mini-cube and in-wall speakers are rated at 100 watts maximum power. The passive subwoofer is rated at 150 watts maximum power.

Speakers included in this package are:

(2) – MNCX Mini-cube Platinum Speaker Pairs
(1) – S100W In-wall Speaker
(1) – HTWP Home Theater Wall Plate
(1) – SUM In-wall Passive Subwoofer
(1) – SAMB In-wall Subwoofer Mounting Ring


  • Complete home theater speaker package
  • Four white 100 watt mini-cube speakers
  • One white 100 watt in-wall speaker
  • One white 150 watt in-wall passive subwoofer
  • Home theater wall plate for connection to amplifier and speakers