PD-2: 2-Channel Voice Dialer

The Model PD-2 2-Channel Voice Dialer is designed to connect to security or personal emergency systems. Two voice messages (each up to 10 seconds long) can be recorded into the dialer’s digital memory. Each dialer channel can dial up to four telephone numbers to play its message. The PD-2 can also be used to dial pager numbers and send numeric messages. Nine to 16 VDC power for the dialer is supplied from the triggering device.

When triggered (by grounding one of the two inputs), the dialer begins its communication sequence. After a 15 second delay, the dialer will attempt to call the first telephone number programmed for the channel triggered. The dialer will go off-hook and try to detect a dial tone. After the dial tone is detected, the unit will start dialing. If no dial tone is detected for five seconds, the dialer goes on-hook, waits for three seconds; goes off-hook, then tries to detect a dial tone again. If no dial tone is detected on the second try, the call to the first telephone number is aborted and the dialer will attempt to call the next telephone number.

In the case of a false alarm, the 15 second start-up delay gives the user time to cancel the message before it’s sent by pressing the dialer’s STOP button. The start-up delay can be set for 0, 15, 30, 60 or 120 seconds. The 120 second delay option allows the dialer to be used for redundant voice reporting on the same system and telephone line with a faster triggering digital communicator.

Five seconds after dialing, the unit begins playing the voice message for the channel triggered. The message repeats for 60 seconds. During the message, the dialed party can stop the communication sequence and prevent the dialer from calling the next telephone number by pressing any key on their telephone keypad. If a pager number is programmed, no voice message is played for that telephone number.

With the listen-in option enabled, the dialed party can listen to the protected premises using the dialer’s built-in microphone. When the dialed party presses any telephone key during the message, the message will stop and the microphone will be switched on for 60 seconds. Pressing any key extends the time another 60 seconds, pressing 99 hangs up.

Other programmable options allow tone or pulse dialing, and disabling the dialed party communication stop feature.


  • Compact, clean styling
  • Interfaces to most systems and Linear security consoles
  • Calls up to four numbers per channel
  • Programmable dialing delay to prevent false alarms
  • Fast, simple programming
  • On line testing
  • Listen-in feature
  • Two voice messages can be recorded and stored
  • Dials pagers and sends numeric message
  • Dial tone detection capability
  • 120 second delay option permits redundant voice reporting on same telephone line with systems that include digital communicator
  • 4″ W x 5″ H x 1″ D
  • Order number: AAE00418